FACE Regular 1 oz Lucite Jar
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FACE Regular 1 oz Lucite Jar

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  • Psoria-Gold Face Regular: 1 oz Lucite Jar
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FACE Regular 1.0 oz (Regular formula for the Face): 1 oz Lucite Jar for the face. Great size for travel.

Ingredients: Water, Aloe vera extract (a natural anti-inflammatory), Carbomer (an emulsifier), Cellulose (a thickening agent), Yellow Curcumin extract (the active ingredient, inhibits phosphorylase kinase, the enzyme which initiates skin inflammation), Diazolidinyl urea (an antibacterial preservative commonly used in cosmetics), Isopropyl alcohol (a pure solvent, aids in curcumin absorption and an antibacterial preservative), Triethanolamine (an emulsifier), Water (aids in spreadability).